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How To Create Legal Documents on a Budget

Legal documents are important for nearly any type of business or organization. These range from documents for your partnership or limited company, to non-disclosure agreements. However, not all legal documents need to be so expensive and out of reach for smaller businesses. With the help of these ideas and examples, you can learn how to create legal documents on a budget.

Understand why you need legal documents for your business

It’s important to understand why you need legal documents for your business. These types of documents are necessary for almost any type of organisation, from partnerships to limited companies. This is because legal documents help keep your business structured and covered from a legal perspective, which can help with not only forming a partnership or company, but also with protecting your business moving forward.

Create your own legal documents

One of the best ways to cut down on legal expenses is to create your own legal documents. This includes everything from non-disclosure agreements and contracts, to employee handbooks.

If you are just starting out, this can be a great way to save money. You won’t need to pay for an attorney to write up your documents for you. However if this is the approach you choose, it’s important that you have relevant legal knowledge, or get the documents reviewed by a legal professional.

Generally, the more often you go through this process, the easier it will get over time. This means you’ll be able to create your own documents with less effort and less cost each time.

Plus, by creating your own documents, you can also make sure that they fit into your specific business needs. They are also easier for you to update as necessary should the need ever arise.

legal document templates being reviewed

Use templates to create legal documents

The best way to save money on your legal documents is to find templates for them. There are plenty of websites that offer templates and free legal documents to use as a starting point.. If you can’t find the perfect template, try using a word processor or Google Docs with a pre-made template that can be changed to suit your needs. The best part about this method is that you’re likely only going to pay once instead of every time you need a new document. Again, with this approach, it’s always wise to get the documents reviewed by a legal professional.

When should you use templates?

Templates are a great way to save money with legal documents. Templates can help you to get started with a document you need, like an agreement or contract, without having to spend the money to have an attorney draft it from scratch.

You should use templates when:

– You are not sure how to create the document from scratch

– You don’t have time for the project and would rather outsource it

– The template is more detailed than what you need for your project

– The template is for something very specific, like a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or employment contract

You shouldn’t use templates if:

– You need a personalized document that has your branding, terms and conditions customized, or other details specific to your business needs.

– You are not sure what type of document you need and want someone else’s expertise on the topic


You’ve taken the first steps to start your business and you’re starting to gain traction. You’ve got a great idea and a nifty logo to go with it, but now your clients are asking for legal documents.

You don’t have the funds to hire a lawyer and you don’t want to DIY it either. But there’s no need to panic, templates  could well be the answer.

You’ll find templates for all sorts of business documents like contracts, NDAs, Privacy Policies, and more. Just fill in the blanks and voila, you have an agreement that your clients can sign.

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