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Organic Clothing rising in Popularity

Organic clothing is becoming increasingly popular with many people looking for alternatives to conventional fashion. Whilst conventional clothes are made from materials that are not biodegradable, eco friendly or ethical clothing is produced in a way that they do not harm the environment or people. So why should people buy eco friendly clothes? There are a number of reasons and some of them are explained below. We look at some of these below:

Eco-friendly clothes are economical and there are several good reasons for this. Many organic clothing brands are making use of recycled plastic bottles as their raw materials. This saves on packaging waste and reduces landfill waste significantly. This material then goes on to be transformed into lovely clothes using natural dyes. The result is that many recycled plastic bottles are transformed into beautiful organic clothing.

Most eco friendly clothing brands are family owned and operated and they do not resort to mass production, which adds to the cost of producing them. They are therefore more able to offer unique, exclusive designs at affordable prices to their customers. The result is that customers get better value for money and this translates into increased loyalty from previous purchasers. People will often buy an item several times before giving it up. Ethical fashion brands on the other hand will keep you using them as your favorite for a long time.

Most brands that are run by ethical or sustainable fashion trends are made in the home country of the company rather than in an offshore sweatshop. This helps to maintain local employment levels, maintains the quality of the clothes and ensures that they are manufactured in an ethical manner. The garments are also shipped to the customer from the factory where they have been created. This ensures that each customer receives an original brand.

For companies in the United States, it is important that they follow both federal and state organic standards. They must also set out clear policies for all employees associated with the production. This means fair wages, an effective workplace safety program and sufficient health and safety provisions. Any corporation that refuses to adhere to these policies is no better than someone who supports slave labour. By choosing to wear a Canadian Corporation’s organic label you are actually helping to support and give back the best ethical practices of Canadian farmers.

Choosing to purchase organic clothing allows you to get the same great quality clothing that you would get from name brand manufacturers at a fraction of the cost. It also gives you the opportunity to support and give back to Canadian farmers who put in hours of hard work to produce excellent clothing products worthy of any occasion. With so much variety in the brands available it makes it easy to find something suitable for every person’s tastes and budget. Canada organic cotton clothing is definitely a timeless fashion trend that is worth buying.

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